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Eric Wilkinson is a veteran floor trader and has been trading financial futures, commodities, stocks, stock indices and options on a variety of products for 25 years. You may recognize Eric from CNBC and Fox Business News where he has done commentary.

He has been sought out by several media outlets to debate against some of the brightest minds in the industry, where he debates on topics ranging from economics, geopolitics and market directions. He is most notable for his comments in Rick Santelli’s “Rant Heard Around the World” where he was the first to use the phrase “moral hazard” in connection with the Feds actions surrounding the financial crises of 2008. Mr. Wilkinson is a professional Trader and he is also an educator with ProTraderStrategies.com. He began his trading career while earning his Finance degree at Ball State University. After graduating, he moved to Chicago to work on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade where he honed his skills as a trader.
If you are a new trader or have several years of experience and would like to be mentored by Mr. Wilkinson, you can join him for his online classes and webinars by going to ProTraderStrategies.com. He can also be found on twitter @wolfmansblog for his snarky comments.


ERIC "The Wolfman" WILKINSON from Pro Trader Strategies

June 20, 2018 at 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM (Eastern/New York Time)

Easy ways to remember the Greeks and details that nobody tells you ...Until now.

✦ Delta - What does Delta really tell us?

✦ Gamma - Why is it important?
✦ Theta - When does it become top of mind?

✦ Rho - How does it effect options?
✦ Vega - Why is it the most important Greek?